INTERCAFE Final Reports

INTERCAFE Final Reports
Whilst the INTERCAFE COST Action ran for four years (2004-2008), it has taken that time again to produce the so-called Final Reports, of which there are five. This delay between the official end of the Action and the ‘delivery’ of its publications is of course longer than INTERCAFE participants and others would have liked. However, it is perhaps no real surprise given the complexities of the issues being explored and the large amounts of data and information collected and produced by a network of almost 70 researchers from 30 countries. Given the continual interest in Cormorant-fisheries matters across Europe (see EU CorMan project), the publication of INTERCAFE’s Final Reports is timely.

In reality, to call INTERCAFE’s outputs ‘final’ is a misnomer. They, like the earlier work of the REDCAFE Concerted Action, are not the final word on Cormorant-fishery matters at all but merely a development of our exploration of them – another set of ‘building blocks’ that can be built upon as people across Europe continue to wrestle with the issue of Cormorant-fishery conflicts and the diverse biological, social, cultural and economic perspectives they encompass.     

We offer our heartfelt thanks to the many COST officials – both in the Brussels COST Office and beyond - for their consistent good advice and support during the running of this Action. In this regard, our particular thanks go to Tony Mayer (Director, COST Office 2003-05), and to John Ingram, Markus Knoflacher, and Carine Petit in COST’s ESSEM (Earth System Science and Environmental Management) Domain. 

Finally, we would like to thank CEH’s Knowledge Transfer section for its support during the lengthy production of the INTERCAFE publications and, in particular, Heather Lowther - the team’s Multimedia Editor - for The INTERCAFE reports would possibly not exist, and certainly not in such eye-catching style without her dedication, skill, and hard work throughout.


The INTERCAFE Final Reports are:-

  • Carss, D.N., Parz-Gollner, R. & Trauttmansdorff, J.(2012) The INTERCAFE Field Manual: research methods for cormorants, fishes, and the interactions between them. INTERCAFE COST Action 635 Final Report II (ISBN 978-1-906698-08-9)
  • Russell, I., Broughton, B., Keller, T. & Carss, D.N. (2012) The INTERCAFE Cormorant Management Toolbox: methods for reducing cormorant problems at European fisheries. INTERCAFE COST Action 635 Final Report III (ISBN 978-1-906698-09-6)

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