INTERCAFE: Interdisciplinary Initiative to Reduce Pan-European Cormorant-Fisheries Conflicts

INTERCAFE (“Interdisciplinary Initiative to Reduce pan-European Cormorant-Fisheries Conflicts”) is a COST Action. The main objective of INTERCAFE is to improve European scientific knowledge of cormorant-fisheries interactions in the contexts of the interdisciplinary management of human:wildlife conflicts and of sound policy formation, so as to inform policy decisions at local to international levels across Europe and to deliver a coordinated information exchange system. Cormorant-fisheries conflicts are a truly pan-European issue being experienced by a variety of stakeholder groups in a diverse range of aquatic habitats across the continents. An interdisciplinary approach involving the collaboration of biological and social scientific expertise, economic and political interest and practical local experience is now seen as vital to the development and successful implementation of practical cormorant-fisheries conflict management strategies across Europe. For more project information, click here.

INTERCAFE, currently covering 28 countries in Europe and beyond, will run for 4 years and ultimately hopes to create a coordinated research network and an information bank that will be used to develop long-term collaborative management solutions to pan-European cormorant conflicts. As part of this process, we plan to develop an information exchange/discussion facility for visitors to this web site. In the meantime, please send any questions and/or comments to Dave Carss. This web site also acts as the public interface for INTERCAFE – providing news, summaries of our work’s progress, contact details and offering relevant web-links.

COST – European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research – is a system for research networking in Europe based on an inter-governmental framework. COST’s mission is to strengthen Europe in scientific and technical research through the support of European cooperation and interaction between European researchers. Funds provided by COST support the coordination costs of research networks (‘Actions’). INTERCAFE is COST Action 635 and further details of both COST and the Action can be found at .

INTERCAFE builds on the network of researchers created under REDCAFE (“Reducing the conflict between cormorants and fisheries on a pan-European scale”), a 2-year Concerted Action funded under the European Commission’s Fifth Framework Programme. For a REDCAFE Short Summary click here(PDF 54.3kb) , for the REDCAFE Final Report click here(PDF 5.04mb) , for the REDCAFE Summary and National Overviews report click here (PDF 13.4mb).

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