Work Group 2: Conflict resolution and management

Due to the site-specific nature of cormorant-fisheries conflicts, conflict resolution and management must be assessed on a case-by case basis. Work Group 2 will thus coordinate biological, social and economic assessments of actions and mitigation measures at local to national scales. Work Group 2 will also examine more closely the legal frameworks operating in relation to actions and mitigation measures (linked closely with Work Group 1) and consider economic aspects of specific fisheries.

The main objective of Work Group 2 is thus to conduct interdisciplinary research into site-specific actions and mitigation measures taken to manage cormorant-fisheries conflicts. Furthermore this research will also be linked to legal frameworks and economies operating at regional to national scales. The research community, in collaboration with local stakeholders and policy makers, will analyse and evaluate the success or failure of various actions and mitigation measures applied to cormorant-fisheries conflicts across Europe in relation to biological, social and economic factors.

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