Overall outputs

Outputs from INTERCAFE will thus include:

  1. Databases detailing both the size and location of European cormorant breeding colonies and winter roosts at the national level and the lethal management actions taken against cormorants at the regional level.
  2. Biological, social and economic assessments of the cost-effectiveness and efficacy of conflict resolution and management strategies through the interdisciplinary examination of site-specific, regional and national actions and mitigation measures taken to counter predation by cormorants.
  3. The promotion of links between the biological and social scientific communities, local stakeholders and policy advisors to better understand the role of socio-cultural issues in conflicts, their management within legal frameworks, and efforts towards their resolution. The development of a set of scientifically founded conflict management recommendations specifically aimed at improved policy formulation.

In addition, INTERCAFE includes a number of Sub-groups where researchers focus on a number of specific issues including Baltic Sea research, the ecology of Pygmy Cormorants (P. pygmeus), the production of a cormorant fieldwork manual, conflicts and mitigation at carp ponds, and potential sources of research funding.

Further information about both COST and the INTERCAFE Action (no. 635) are available at: http://cost.cordis.lu

The full INTERCAFE proposal is available here (Requires Acrobat Reader)

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